Bacol Tartufi: a craftmade reality in the splendid setting of the Italian region of Molise

The Bacol company sees its origins in the passion for our trusty four-legged friends with the very good nose, in the enchanting nature with astonishing landscapes and in the  satisfaction while discovering new flavors tantalizing your taste buds…

 Listening to grandfather Sebastiano, the mind wanders on the magic hills and the enchanting woods of Molise. And here a tall and picturesque man with big mustaches, in camouflage, with its cane, followed by dogs. The joy of the animal finding the truffle is right followed by the   extraction of the fruit by man, in a perfect and harmonious collaboration.

Sebastiano with his truffle dogs
in the charming hinterland of the region Molise 
Lover of good food Sebastiano, more and more frequently,  brings to the table the truffle, showing its many ways to be protagonist: from appetizers to dessert, getting through tasty canapes, delicious “risotti”, tempting meats and  omelets, salads and cakes…

Guests at the table of Sebastiano are always more numerous, while the word spreads about the delicious dishes that you can enjoy.

So just for fun comes this small family business that, preserving craft traditions, grows and expands, bringing on the tables of families as in the menus of restaurants, in Italy as abroad, the aroma of truffles with its unmistakable notes.    

 The products

Alcuni prodotti Bacol
The Bacol company creates delicious creams with truffles and flavored products like honey and oil. The raw materials are available in its land, the enchanting Molise. The region is reach in truffles and few people know that just from here a big quantity of splendid specimens starts every day for the main italian and foreign markets.
The work is mainly based on raw materials excellent quality, well-balanced with modern machinery and an accurate attention to all the health regulations required.
The family run business allows:

to establish a good relationship with all the clients, the most demanding as well

to check, step by step, all the production

to compare, every day, with market demands
Cesto natalizio
The production includes:

- summer black truffle, whole, sliced and minced

- white truffle cream

- bianchetto truffle cream

- mushrooms and black summer truffle sauces

- truffle and porcini mushrooms sauce

- truffle and aubergines sauce

- asparagus and truffle cream

- white truffle oil

- white truffle honey

- porcini mushrooms and truffle pasta
- dried porcini

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